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Time Warner Cable's Home Phone service features unlimited calling anywhere, anytime in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and U.S. territories (Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, North Marianas/Guam and American Samoa) for one, low monthly price. When you have TWC's Home Phone service, you get 13 free calling features, such as Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Waiting Caller ID, 3-Way Calling, Speed Dial, Call Forwarding, Anonymous Call Rejection, Enhanced 9-1-1 and more.

Through our VoiceZone(R) portal, you can manage your Home Phone service to listen to your voicemail and set up incoming calls to simultaneously ring on up to five additional numbers. It's what we call Answer Anywhere. If you pair our Home Phone service with our our Preferred TV plan, you get Caller ID on TV. Yes, you'll see on your TV screen the name and number of who's calling your Home Phone.

You have flexibility with international calling too. While calls in North America and the U.S. territories is included, you can choose the best international plan for you, too. International OnePrice features competitive international calling rates for a flat monthly charge, which includes 1,000 minutes of talk time. The Global Penny Phone Plan offers penny-per-minute rates to 50 counties. Or you can just pay as you go with our competitive rates for both land line and mobile phones.

A government-assisted Lifeline Phone Discount for low income families who have Home Phone service is available in some states.

Need help? Just dial 6-1-1 from your TWC Home Phone.

Listed prices are available to new residential customers only. All services may not be available in all areas. Home Phone does not include backup power and, as is the case with an electric‐powered home cordless phone, should there be a power outage, Home Phone, including the ability to access 9-1-1 services, may not be available. Caller ID on TV requires both TV and Phone services. Not available in all areas. New York residents: 25.97% of the charge for your phone service is attributable to interstate or international telecommunications service and is excluded from New York sales tax. Some customers in New York state may be eligible for a Lifeline Phone Credit. Please see twc.com/lifeline. 1¢ international rates rates require subscription to Home Phone and Global Penny Phone Plan.

Total Monthly Charges amount excludes taxes and fees. After placing your order, the actual amount of taxes and fees will be calculated and reflected in your next bill statement. Charges for any existing services not part of the order above are not included in the Total Monthly Charges displayed.

By enrolling in this promotion, customer agrees to be bound by the terms of TWC’s Subscriber Agreement which can be found at http://help.twcable.com/html/twc_sub_agreement.html. Additional charges apply for taxes, fees, Directory Assistance, Operator Services and calls to international locations. After 12 months, regular monthly rates will apply. Home Phone does not include back‐up power and, as in the case with an electric‐powered home cordless phone, should there be a power outage, Home Phone, including the ability to access 9‐1‐1 services, may not be available. A one-time charge may apply to keep your current telephone number.