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International OnePrice®

International OnePrice®

Stay close, no matter how far 

Get 1,000 minutes per month to 81 countries -- all for one low monthly rate. Stay in touch with friends back home and loved ones overseas with our affordable international calling plan.

International OnePrice® Features

Enjoy more minutes for less
International OnePrice® gives you 1,000 minutes a month to connect with friends and family all over the world for one low monthly rate. You can add International OnePrice® if you have TWC Phone service.

Call the most popular destinations
Stay in touch with loved ones all over the globe. International OnePrice® covers international calls to landline and mobile phones in 81 countries.

Enjoy low per-minute rates on overages

Don’t worry about going over your limit. Time Warner Cable also offers low per-minute rates for international calls if you exceed your monthly limit.

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International OnePrice® is available to customers who subscribe to TWC Phone. Offer valid for residential customers in TWC Phone serviceable areas. Participating countries can be found in this price comparison table. International OnePrice® applies only to calls terminating on a landline phone in most countries. Calls terminating to cell phones with a service provider based in the following countries are included in the plan: Anguilla, Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Macau, Paraguay, St. Kitts and Thailand. [International OnePrice® provides customers with 1,000 minutes of calling time per calendar month.] Your billing cycle may not match the calendar month. [Per‐minute charges will apply to all international calling after the first 1,000 minutes per month and to all international calling to destinations that are not covered by International OnePrice®. Applicable per‐minute rates are listed in our price comparison table. Additional charges apply for surcharges, taxes, fees, Directory Assistance, and Operator Services. International OnePrice® does not apply to international calls to satellite phones, special services numbers, including foreign toll‐free numbers and caller‐paid information services, including 900‐type numbers, calls to chat lines and calls to mobile telephone numbers, except as listed above, and all such calls will be billed to you on a per‐minute basis. Other restrictions may apply. INTERNATIONAL ONEPRICE is a registered trademark of Time Warner Cable Inc.