Can I cancel or reschedule an appointment online?:

Yes, you can use My Account or the My TWC® app to reschedule appointments.


To reschedule appointments using My Account:

1. Sign in to My Account using your TWC ID.

2. In the My Account tab, go to My Appointments.

3. Select Reschedule for the appointment you would like to reschedule.

4. Select a date and time on the calendar that works for you.

5. Select Reschedule Appointment.

6. A confirmation message will be displayed indicating the appointment was successfully rescheduled.


To reschedule appointments using My TWC®:

1. Log in to My TWC on an Android or iOS device using your TWC ID/password.

2. If you have an appointment, you will see an indicator in the Appointments tile on the home screen.

3. Tap on Appointments.

4. You will see the appointment information.

5. Tap on the Reschedule button, pick an available time, and submit.


Note: You can cancel appoinments online only if the appoinment is for a service issue.  To cancel any other type of appointment, contact us.

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