What is the Internet installation procedure? Can I install the modem myself?:

As a customer, you will be provided with a cable modem that links your computer to the cable network. We offer two installation options:

Professional Installation:

This option may be subject to a one-time installation fee and includes the installation of the modem, coaxial cable and drivers. We also offer an option to perform an activation that sets your homepage, configures your email and Internet browser, and downloads a program, Flash, if necessary.


If you are an existing Time Warner Cable customer and want to add the service, you can save time and money by doing it yourself with an Easy Connect Kit. The Internet Easy Connect Kit contains everything you need to connect your computer: a high-speed Easy Connect Guide, two coaxial cables, one ethernet cable or USB cable and one splitter (if needed). An active cable outlet in the same room where you will have the computer is required.

To pick up a Easy Connect kit, locate the address of your local Time Warner Cable store 

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