With a WiFi network, how far will the signal reach?:

WiFi networking equipment range is determined by the type of equipment, distance, walls, and other large objects. To ensure the best range with Wireless-N Routers, Wireless Computers should also use wireless-N equipment. While Wireless-N routers are compatible with computers and devices utilizing wireless G, they can only work at the Wireless-G specifications.

Wireless connections will penetrate most walls so you can have devices in different rooms and on different floors and still stay connected to the network. This means you can take wireless equipped laptops almost anywhere in your home.

The WiFi router will typically go through two to three walls before you lose connectivity. If you have a large home or a home with thick or dense walls, it is suggested that you place the wireless router in a central location. If you want network access outside, it is suggested that you place the wireless router near a window. Try to keep the wireless router away from any large metal objects as they will hinder its range. Devices such as cordless telephones, microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices, wireless keyboards, wireless mice, and baby monitors may reduce signal strength and connection speed.

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