Why is my Home WiFi signal weak?:

Several factors can limit and interfere with the signal of your network, including other electrical devices in the home and the structure of the home itself.


Many routers run at a frequency of 2.4 gigahertz (GHz), the same as some cordless phones. If your phone and router run at the same frequency, they could interfere with one another when both are in use.


If you suspect that your cordless phone might be interfering with your network signal, change the location of the cordless phone base to maximize the distance between the phone base and the router. If that does not resolve your problem, you also could consider buying a different cordless phone that uses the 5.8 GHz or 900 megahertz (MHz) frequencies. Before you go to that expense, however, first try having your router relocated. If you still have a weak signal, Contact Us.


Locating Your Router to Limit Interference
Keep these steps in mind when choosing a location for your router:

  • Position your wireless router in a central location in your home.
  • Keep your router away from microwave ovens. (If you get interference that gets worse when a microwave oven is running and you have your own router instead of a Time Warner Cable router, try setting the router to Channel 1. If you have Home WiFi, do not make changes to your network settings on your own. Contact Us for help with your equipment).
  • Make sure you are connected to your own wireless network and not someone else's.
  • For multistory buildings such as apartment dwellings, positioning the router's antenna at 45 degrees (diagonally relative to the floor) or 0 degrees (parallel to the floor) may be most effective.
  • Place your router away from various electromagnetic noise sources, especially those in the 2400 to 2500 MHz frequency band. Computers and fax machines are common noise-creating sources; therefore, wireless equipment should be no closer than 12 inches to these devices.
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