Why should I set up WiFi security on my WiFi router?:

Wireless devices can connect over WiFi networks at a range of several hundred feet. This can allow other individuals to access and use your Internet connection.

TWC suggests that you configure your security settings as part of the initial installation. There are a few key points to know about security settings:

  • After you enable wireless security features on the router, you must configure your wireless devices with matching settings. Your wireless devices will not be able to connect unless you configure the matching settings.

  • It is recommended you enable these wireless security settings from a computer wired to the router.

  • Remember to write down your security keys and store them in a location where you can easily locate them. You may want to consider taping them to the back or bottom of your WiFi router. If you cannot remember them, you will not be able to make any changes to your network unless you reset the router to the factory defaults.
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