How do I resolve slow browsing?:

There are many possible reasons why you are experiencing slow browsing.  However, there are commonly used steps that can improve your browsing speed.


1. Restart the Computer

Many of us leave our computer on allowing it to sleep when not in use. Simply restarting your computer could resolve your slow browsing experience.


2. Reboot the Modem and Router (if any)


  • At this point, you’re ready to reset the modem. You may do so by pressing the reset button on the modem. If the modem does not have a reset button, you may reset it by unplugging the power cable from the modem (and your router if you are using one).
  • Wait for approximately one minute for the modem to reset.
  • If you have unplugged the power cable from the modem or router, plug your modem back in first, then your router. If you are using a router, allow about two minutes for the router to “sync” (i.e. reconnect) with the cable modem.
  • Wait for the lights to stop blinking on the modem and wireless router if you have one. Allow up to two minutes for the router to “sync” with the cable modem.
  • If you are connecting wirelessly, make sure you’re within range of your wireless router, and that the wireless connection on your computer is turned on.

3. Cache Size


To make your browser faster try going into your browser settings and checking the size of your cache/disk space to use for temporary Internet files.  The recommended disk space to use for your cache/temporary Internet files is 50-250MB.  Increasing the size of your cache/temporary Internet files may improve the speed of your back button and the display of graphics and banners.




By bookmarking your most frequently visited websites, you can quickly navigate to those websites allowing for more time spent browsing the Internet.


5. Speed Test


If the above suggestions fail to address your slow browsing, you may have an Internet connection issue.  Learn more about what affects speed and perform a Speed Test by clicking here.


Note:  Steps to make changes to the above recommendations vary by browser.

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Thank you for your feedback

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