What is Time Warner Cable doing to prepare for IPv6?:

Time Warner Cable has been working to prepare for the IPv6 transition for some time now. Our technologists are working internally as well as externally with such organizations as Cable Labs, the National Cable Telecommunications Association, the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers, device manufacturers and other cable companies to implement and support IPv6.


Time Warner Cable is already offering trial IPv6 service for fiber-connected (DIA or Dedicated Internet Access) customers in many areas. Check with your local Commercial Sales team for availability and scheduling.


For Time Warner Cable Business Class and Residential customers, we will begin trials of native “dual-stack” (IPv4 and IPv6 coexisting) service this spring. If you plan on buying a home gateway, make sure it is IPv6 capable. The easiest way to do this is to look for the “IPv6 Ready” gold logo on the box or website.


Once trials have successfully completed, Time Warner Cable will offer production-grade dual-stack service.

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