How do I access free WiFi in NYC parks?:

If you're in a NYC Park where Time Warner Cable provides WiFi, you can connect through either the GuestWiFi, TWCWiFi or TWCWiFi-Passpoint network names. TWC customers with Standard Internet or above can access free WiFi through TWC's WiFi network names, just like they do at any other TWC WiFi® Hotspot. Non-customers can connect through TWCWiFi as a Visitor for a Free Trial or puchase of an Access Pass, or they can select the GuestWiFi network name and select one of two option:

  • Three free 10 minute sessions within a 30 day period on a single device
  • A Day Pass for $.99


To connect to GuestWiFi:

  1. Select GuestWiFi network name from available wireless network options.
  2. On Sign in screen, choose one of the Guest Access Options and accept Terms of Service to continue.
  3. If you select Day Pass, you will need to register and provide payment information before being connected.
  4. Once connected you will see a connect success page and can then continue to your preferred browser.
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