What is the quality of the video and audio I will be receiving?:

All streaming video is adaptive. That is to say, our players take into account your current network conditions and available computer/device resources to provide a constant video stream based on your situation.

Streaming and downloads on all mobile devices will be in standard definition. This is to ensure you are provided with a quality stream while not exceeding your available device storage and network resources.

All downloaded content will be the highest quality video available to you based on your purchases, model of computer/device and your HDCP compliance. While these files can be fairly large, we think you’ll be very happy with your video quality.

For those interested in more technical information, here’s some information on the quality of our video content:

  • Standard Definition (SD) data rate: 900kps – 2200kps
  • High Definition (HD) data rate: 2700kps – 5200kps
  • Audio: High Quality Stereo Sound

Thank you for your feedback
Thank you for your feedback

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