Why am I being asked to reregister when I use the web to review my Home Phone call history? Why do I have to change my username and password?:

Your Home Phone service now provides a greatly improved view of your calling history, as well as current and past charges. It’s all part of the new, enhanced experience at timewarnercable.com.

If you've previously registered to view call details, you'll need to re-register and create a new online profile with a username and password. Please note, if you are re-registering, the new username and password you provide will replace the old information you used to access your calling history. 

To create your profile, you will need your account number and customer code, which can be found on any of your past monthly statements.  If you were registered under the old system, you will need to re-register and change your username and password.

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Thank you for your feedback

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