How will I know when I have reached the 1,000-minute threshold for International OnePrice?:

Easily monitor your usage as often as you like by going to TWC’s Call History page. Only international calls that you make (outbound) will be shown, not the calls that you receive (inbound).

Your personal IOP Usage Tracker for your current month’s minutes used is boldly displayed in the top right-hand corner of the Call History page.

The IOP Usage Tracker* provides a breakdown by:

  • IOP in Plan minutes used
  • IOP Over Cap minutes used
  • Out of Plan minutes used and any associated costs for each.

On the same page, you can view further call details of the current month as well as the past 4 months of Billed Call History details. To learn more about accessing and how to view Call History details visit our Call History FAQs.

For step by step instructions on registering for your TWC ID view our FAQ or How-To video.

*As noted, IOP Tracker Usage may have up to a 24-hour delay. Please be mindful when making calls.

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