What are the eligibility requirements for Lifeline Phone Credit?:

There are two methods of determining eligibility requirements.

Method 1: Participation in Federal/State programs (such as Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, or Section 8 Federal Publish Housing Assistance, etc.).

Method 2: Income-based criteria.

Number in Household Yearly Income
1 $15,755 or less
2 $21,236 or less
3 $26,717 or less
4 $32,198 or less
5 $37,679 or less
6 $43,160 or less
7 $48,641 or less
8 $54,122 or less
More than 8 $54,122 or less, plus $5,481 for each additional member


Note: At this time, Lifeline Phone Credit is only available in New York and Wisconsin.

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