What documentation do I have to provide to establish my eligibility for Lifeline Phone Credit?:

Supporting documentation requirements differ depending on which method is used for qualification.


Method 1: Participation in Federal or State assistance programs:

  • Benefit Card
  • Official document demonstrating that applicant, one or more of applicant’s dependents, or applicant’s household receives benefits from a qualifying program.
  • Notice of letter of participation in qualifying program.
  • Current or prior year’s statement of benefits from qualifying program.


Method 2: Income-based criteria.

  • Three (3) consecutive months of pay stubs within the last 12 months.
  • Most current state or federal income tax return.
  • Most current Social Security, VA or retirement/pension statement of benefits.
  • Current income statement or W-2 from an employer.
  • Most current unemployment/worker’s compensation statement of benefits.
  • Legal document showing current income (such as divorce decree or child support document)


Note: At this time, Lifeline Phone Credit is only available in New York and Wisconsin.

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