What is a CableCARD™?:

A CableCARD™ is a small device provided by your cable service provider that, when installed into a TV set or other device, allows you to access digital cable services without the need for a set-top box.

It's about the size of a thick credit card, and the CableCARD fits into a special slot built into a growing number of peripheral devices, such as TVs, DVRs and PCs.

There are two types of CableCARD-compatible TV-ready devices:

  • Tru2way® devices are two-way capable and allow you to receive nearly all TWC services (The only exception is DVR service which requires, a DVR set-top box).
  • Unidirectional Digital Cable Products (UDCPs) are one-way devices and can access basic and digital channels, although channels are delivered via Switched digital.

Visit the TV Equipment page to learn more or order a CableCARD.

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