I do not have digital TV. What will I need in order to access my channels?:

Time Warner Cable is moving toward a higher quality, digital only experience to provide better picture and sound, more HD channels, enhanced Home Phone services and faster Internet speeds. As a result, channels that used to be broadcasted in analog spectrum will be broadcasted digitally.

All Time Warner Cable customers will now need digital equipment in order to view impacted channels. You can choose to use a set-top box or a CableCARD™ in order to view digital programming. As an alternative, you can contact Time Warner Cable to request a digital adapter:

Please note that digital converters provide limited channel lineup capabilities.

If you order an Easy Setup Kit we will mail it directly to your home at no cost. You may also stop by a TWC Store to pick up the equipment or arrange for a professional installation (for an additional charge).



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Thank you for your feedback

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