Why does the picture not fill my screen after I installed my Digital Adapter?:

The Digital Adapter supports a screen aspect ratio of 4:3 only. This means that the picture is formatted for standard definition programming, and not high-definition (HD) or widescreen programs. The result is that the programming will not fill the entire screen of a widescreen television. 


While you cannot adjust the aspect ratio on the Digital Adapter, many televisions allow you to adjust it on the television through the Settings menu. By changing the aspect ratio on your television, you are in essence "stretching" the standard definition picture to fit your widescreen television. Please refer to your TV’s owner’s manual for information and instructions.


You may also upgrade to a HD set-top box, which allows you to receive HD programming (With Time Warner Cable Digital TV, HD channels are available for no additional monthly cost.)

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Thank you for your feedback

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