Can I transfer recordings from my current DVR box to the new DVR box?:

While this is not currently possible, it’s easy to recreate your series recordings on your new Whole House HD-DVR by using DVR Manager or your remote control.

DVR Manager

DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Manager is a web-based program that lets you manage your in-home DVR set-top box from anywhere, through an Internet-connected PC, Mac or mobile phone.

To find DVR Manager, go to My Account and enter your TWC ID to verify that you are a Time Warner Cable subscriber.  Once you sign into My Account you will be able to access the DVR Manager on the My TV page.  Select Go to DVR Manager.

From the Record tab, simply click the Record button to create a one-time recording with default save time & start/end time.  To create a series recording, click the radio button to select “Record Series”.  The series recording options will display.

Remote Control
You can also record programs with your remote control. Using the remote control, highlight the program name in the GUIDE and press SELECT. A list of options will appear. Scroll to Record Series and press SELECT.

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