How will I know if a recording has been scheduled?:

For PC and MAC: Scheduled recordings appear on the TV Listings screen as REC. You can also navigate to the Show List tab at the top left of the TV Listings screen to view all scheduled recordings. The Show List tab will display a list of all future recordings, as well as recordings in progress.


For Mobile: Once the program has been scheduled to record, the program will appear with a red dotted icon next to the program name. Thereafter, the scheduled recording will appear on any search or browse results with the recording indicator. Also, you can navigate to the Manage tab directly to view all scheduled recordings for the selected DVR in your home.


 To receive all services, Digital Cable, remote and lease of a Digital set-top box are required. Some services are not available to CableCARD customers. HD set-top box and HDTV set required for HD service. Not all equipment supports all services. DVR service is an optional service available for an incremental charge. All services may not be available in all areas. Remote DVR service may not be available to all mobile devices. Subject to change without notice. Some restrictions apply.


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