What are the thick black bands that border some of the programs I tune into?:

Windowpane Screens: When you view 4:3 content on a 16:9 HDTV display, you may get an onscreen image with vertical black or gray band on each side of the image. This is called a windowpane screen.

Letterbox Screens: When 16:9 content is viewed on a 4:3 display, you may see a long and narrow image with the black or gray bands above and below. This is called a letterbox screen.

Stretch and Zoom Solution: One great aspect of HD cable set-tops is picture Stretch and Zoom capability. This enables you to eliminate the black or gray bands and fill your HD screen with a non-HD video image rather than have it squeezed into letterbox or windowpane formats. Please refer to our FAQ on How do I use the stretch and zoom functions on my HD converter?

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Thank you for your feedback

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