How do I cancel the purchase of an On Demand and/or Pay-Per-View program? How do I confirm cancellation?:

For both On Demand and Pay-Per-View programs, the cancellation must occur within five minutes of the start of any non-Adult content program. There is no cancellation policy for Adult content programming.


  • To cancel a Pay-Per-View program, press the Settings button on the remote, go to the Purchases screen to find and cancel the purchased event.


Press the STOP button on the remote control during the first five minutes of the movie, and select the Cancel Purchase option. You cannot cancel via the B button.

When a show is recording or scheduled to record, the cell in the Guide turns red. If that recording or purchase is canceled, the cell will return to the default (blue) color. In addition, the show will no longer be listed in the Scheduled Recordings area of the Show List menu.

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