What happened to my option to view the on-screen program Guide by a different day?:

If you were accustomed to pressing the B button on your remote and scrolling up/down to select the day that you wish to view, you can now view by day by using the DAY arrow buttons on the remote (Synergy models only).  For users of non-Synergy remotes, you may select a specific day in the On-Screen Program Guide by: 
1. Determine the number of days between the current day and the day that you wish to view. For example, today is Monday and you want to see Saturday. Saturday is 5 days ahead.
2. Press the 5 button (for 5 days ahead) on the remote immediately followed by pressing the Right arrow button.
3. The On-Screen Program Guide will now indicate the day you wish to view at the top left (Sat, in our example).
Thank you for your feedback
Thank you for your feedback

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