Where is my Time Warner Cable Guide Favorite List (FAV)?:

To display your favorite channels:

  1. Press the Settings button.
  2. Select the Favorite Channels category.
  3. The FAV button will tune to the next favorite channel while watching TV, or it will jump to the next favorite channel if the on-screen program guide is displayed.

A progress bar displays for On Demand viewing, DVR playback, recordings in progress and time-shifted viewing.

To manipulate the progress bar, press the Rewind or Fast-Forward arrow buttons (next to the Play button on your remote).

Additional presses of the Rewind or Fast-Forward buttons will increase the fast-forward or rewind speed until you reach the maximum speed (4x).

Pressing and holding Rewind or Fast-Forward button for 2 seconds will jump 15 minutes forward or backwards in your program.

The Instant Replay button will take you back approximately 8 seconds in your program; pressing the Play button toggles between normal and slow-motion viewing.

You can press the Pause button and then the Fast-Forward button to move one frame forward. Pressing Pause and Rewind will move you one frame backwards.

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Thank you for your feedback

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