How do I login to the WatchESPN app for the first time?:

To launch the app,


  1. Click on the WatchESPN icon on your device.
  2. Verify your internet and/or TV subscription.
  3. Enter your ZIP code. If the ZIP code entered is not covered by an ESPN Authenticated Networks or ESPN3 affiliate, the app will return the following message:
    WatchESPN is currently unavailable with the service provider selected. Please contact your cable or satellite company directly to let them know you'd like this service in the future. We're continuously working to add new providers so come back soon to see if we've added yours.
  4. If the ZIP code is covered by Time Warner Cable, you will be allowed to sign-in with your ESPN member credentials. If you don't remember your credentials, you can skip the sign-in process and provide an email address for ESPN to send further instructions to access the service.
  5. ESPN will grant a special 4-hour preview period of complementary viewing of all ESPN authenticated networks.
  6. Upon completion of the preview period, visit to complete the online setup and activate your account.
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Thank you for your feedback

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