Can I watch sports package channels in HD?:

Yes. Now, you'll have access to more HD feeds of MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass, NHL Center Ice and MLS Direct Kick depending on your TV and converter equipment. All you need is an HD television and one of the set-top converters listed below from Time Warner Cable.

Note: You will still enjoy all these sports packages' SD channels and the HD channels offered in the past with other models of converter equipment. However, if you have an HD TV and one of the set-top converters listed below, you’ll get the maximum amount of HD channels now available with each package.

Make and Model:
Cisco: 4640, 4642, 8640 or 8642
Samsung: 3260, 3270, 3262 or 3272

If you don't currently have digital equipment to access all the HD channels available on your HD TV, visit us online to swap out your equipment or drop by one of our convenient office locations. No extra charges apply unless you want to upgrade your equipment by adding DVR service.

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