Will Start Over® work with my DVR?:

It depends. Initially, this service will be available to our HD customers and HD DVR customers with OCAP set top boxes (models: SA 8300 HDC and 4250 HDC, and Samsung H3050) with the ODN guide.  Eventually, Start Over will be available to all HD and HD DVR customers with other types of set top boxes.

There are some situations where the use of Start Over may affect how your DVR functions. For example, you cannot utilize the Start Over service on a program that you are recording on your DVR. Also, if you are recording two programs with your DVR, you cannot Start Over a third program. The DVR has two tuners. You can record one program while starting over another program on a second channel.



Note: Start Over may not be available in all areas, please contact your local Time Warner Cable office for details on availability.
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Thank you for your feedback

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