How do I connect my digital TV and antenna?:

The equipment needed depends on whether the TV supports multiple input sources. To determine if the TV supports multiple input sources, look at the back of the TV.

  • If the TV accepts multiple input sources, you may see a variety of red, yellow, black and other input connectors located near where you would connect your TV cable or antenna. You will also want to determine if your TV is a Digital TV by consulting the owner’s manual.
  • If the TV does not support multiple input sources, an A/B switch will allow you to switch between the cable and antenna connection quickly and easily.
Digital TV - Connect the Antenna Only
  1. Power off your TV.
  2. Connect the antenna to the RF or Antenna connection on your TV. Be sure the connection is hand-tight.
  3. Place your antenna in an area where walls or other objects cannot block the reception.
  4. Turn on your TV and follow your television’s user guide to set up your antenna connection.
  5. When you want to watch local programming using the antenna connection, go to your TV’s input menu and select the antenna connection you set up in Step 4. When you want to return to watching cable channels, go to the menu and select your cable connection.
  6. Adjust the antenna until you receive the clearest picture. Remember, these are over-the-air transmissions. Many factors, including weather, can affect your reception.
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