What is the Interactive Guide?:

The Interactive Guide (or iGuide) is a tool that allows the user to do more than just change the channel.  It allows you to interact with your digital cable set-top box and maximize your viewing experience.
With the Interactive Guide (or iGuide), you can:

  • View TV Listings
  • Order Pay-Per-View and On Demand programming
  • Search for programming by category or program title
  • Manage your DVR (set a recording or view previously recorded programming)
  • Set Parental Controls
  • Set your favorite channels

By setting up your favorite channels, managing recordings, and creating parental controls, you don’t have to waste time searching, making sure your programs record, or worrying about what your kids are viewing. The Interactive Guide (or iGuide) is a great tool to help you personalize your experience.  

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Thank you for your feedback

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