What should I do if channels are missing?:

Please try each of the following to resolve your issue:
1. Verify Connections
Are all connections secure? Check the connections between all of your equipment to make sure none are loose or disconnected.
Are you using the proper connectors and color coding? If you are using a cable Set-Top Box, the cable coming from wall should be connected to the "IN" jack on the cable box.
If you're not using a cable box, the cable coming from the wall should be connected to the "IN" jack on the VCR, DVD player or directly to the TV.
2. Check the TV
Is the proper input selected? (Channel 3, Input 1, Input 2, HDMI, etc)
Are you an HD subscriber? If so, make sure your TV is on the correct input, i.e., component, HDMI, DVI.
No HD? Please ensure your TV is on channel 3.

Some older TVs may not be able to pick up the full range of channels we offer. Please contact us for a digital Set-Top Box.
3. Check the Cable Box
Is the cable box power on?

4. Check the Channel Lineup

Channel lineups vary by location. To view the channels available by package in your area, see Channel Lineups

5. Check the Cable TV (CATV) Setting

Verify if the TV has a Cable TV (CATV) switch or function on the on-screen menu. If so, verify it is set to CATV.

6. Check the Auto Program Setting

Check if the TV has an auto-program function. If so, activate it.

7. Reboot Cable Box

If the above steps do not resolve your issue, try rebooting your cable Set-Top Box:

1. Unplug the power cord from the back of the cable box.
2. Wait 30 seconds.
3. Plug the power cord back into the back of the cable box.
4. The cable box will reboot automatically; it should take no more than 20 minutes.
5. Wait for the time or channel to reappear on front of the cable box.
6. Wait 3 more minutes to allow the services to reset.
7 Turn on the TV.

Note: If you find yourself having to do this frequently, you might have a signal issue and will need to contact us.

8. Still Missing Channels?
Automated phone self help is available to help diagnose your cable TV problem, and send a signal to your cable box to fix the problem.  If so, please contact us.

If phone self help does not resolve your cable TV problem, let the customer support representative know:

• You went through the online troubleshooting
• Your TV is on and working properly
• Your cable box is on
• Your connection and inputs are correct
• You completed phone self help

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Thank you for your feedback

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