What should I do if I my picture does not fill my screen?:

Windowpane Screens

When you view 4:3 content on a 16:9 HDTV display, you may get an onscreen image with vertical black or gray band on each side of the image. This is called a windowpane screen.

To fix this issue, use the Stretch and Zoom capability on your HD set top box. This enables you to eliminate the black or gray bands and fill your HD screen with a non-HD video image rather than have it squeezed into letterbox or windowpane formats.

Simply press the # button on your remote control to adjust the aspect ratio. If it does not correct the issue, check your TV user guide to learn how to adjust aspect ratio. 

Letterbox Screens

When 16:9 content is viewed on a 4:3 display, you may see a long and narrow image with the black or gray bands above and below. This is called a letterbox screen. Some movies are shown in letterbox to replicate what was shown in theaters.

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