What should I do if the sound is in a different language or distorted?:

Here are some common sound issues and possible solutions:

  1. Different language Some televisions have additional features like a SAP, MAP or bilingual button. If you are hearing a different language other than what is expected for the channel being viewed, check to see if your TV has one of these buttons and make sure it is turned off. On some sets, these features are controlled by the TV remote.
  2. No sound The MUTE button on remote control may have been pushed. Press the button on the remote to restore volume.
  3. Buzzing sound Adjust the TV's fine-tuning. Also check to see if the TV is too close to any appliances that are in use that could interfere with the signal (microwaves, generators, vacuum cleaners, etc.)
  4. Sounds noisy on one channel Your cable connection may be loose; check the connection and tighten, if necessary.
  5. Sound from only one stereo speaker Your cable connection may be loose. Check the connection and tighten it if necessary. Check to make sure that no wires are frayed and plugs aren't bent or broken. Make sure the audio cables are connected to the correct Left/Right output jacks on your terminal. Also, check the "balance" setting if sound is being delivered through your stereo amplifier.
  6. If none of the above solutions correct the problem, reboot your cable set-top box.

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Thank you for your feedback

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