How do I get more details on one of the calls in my Call Log?:

To view more details about a call in your log, scroll to that call and when it is highlighted press the Select button on your remote. A new Call Options screen will display and provide you with the name, the number (if available) and time the call was received. You will also see a list of actions you can take to manage that call.

Call Back automatically places a call to the person/number that called you. Your Home Phone will ring and when you answer, it will complete the call to the person that called you.

Clear Call from Log deletes that call from the call log on that box.

Voicemail List* automatically takes you to your Voicemail list screen. *Note: If you don't have Voicemail, you won't have this option.

At this time VoiceZone® on TV is only available in the Raleigh market.

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Thank you for your feedback

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