What does No Calls Now mean?:

No Calls Now silences the Home Phone ringer and incoming call prompts for the remainder of the program that you are watching. At the end of the program you will receive a Missed Call Prompt that lets you know if you missed any calls and/or Voicemails and provides you options to go to the call log or the Voicemail list to see who called. It also automatically sets the prompt settings to the state they were prior to No Calls Now being enable.

For users that do not have Voicemail; callers that call while you are in No Calls Now will hear an announcement that politely tells the caller you are not taking calls at this time.

Note: If you change channels and start watching another program while No Calls Now is on; the time is still set to the original program you were watching when it was turned on.


Note: At this time VoiceZone® on TV is only available in the Raleigh market.

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