CLIKR-5 Backlit v1


The CLIKR-5 Backlit v1 UR5U-8520L is a 5 device universal remote control that will control your cable box and up to 4 additional devices, including TV's, VCR's and DVD players.

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  • Program your own
  • Upgraded Features
  • Batteries
  • Introduction
  • Replacing Batteries
  • Operations
  • Programming the Remote Control
  • Pre-Programmed 3-Digit Code Programming Method
  • Auto-Search Programming Method
  • To Identify the 3-Digit Code Programmed for a Device
  • Programming the AUX Device
  • Programming the System On/Off Button
  • Programming Volume Control
  • Programming Channel Control
  • Programming a Macro" Button"
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Memory Lock System