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TWC Mail for iPhone and iPad | Time Warner Cable

  1. In Settings, select Mail, Contacts, Calendars and then choose Add Account.


  2. Select Other in the list of account options.


  3. Select Add Mail Account.


  4. Enter your Name, TWC Mail Address, Password and a Description for the account. Then touch the Next button.


  5. Select POP as the account type.


  6. Enter your POP Server Address and your SMTP Server Address.


    Note: Your POP Server and SMTP Server Addresses have the same domain as your email address, such as


  7. Enter your full TWC Mail Address and Password and select Save.


  8. Your iPhone or iPad will now verify your account settings.


  9. If you need to edit your settings, select your TWC Mail in the Accounts list.


  10. To check your mail, select Mail from the main screen.