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Sending an Email Attachment | Time Warner Cable

  1. Click the "Compose" button at the top left of your inbox.


  2. After entering the email address of your recipient, click Add Attachments.


  3. To add an attachment to your message, click Browse... Note: You can add up to 5 attachments to your email.


  4. Select a file to attach and click Open.


  5. Once you have selected the files you'd like to attach to your message, click OK.


  6. Your attachment(s) will now be listed above the body of your email. To remove an attachment, simply click Remove next to the attachment's file name.


  7. To add more attachments, click Add More Attachments, located to the right of the Spell Check button.


  8. Select files to attach to your message by clicking Browse. Files you've previously chosen to attach to your email will be included.


  9. Choose the files you'd like to attach to your email and click Open.


  10. When you've finished selecting your files, click OK. You will be directed back to your email message.


  11. The names of your attached file(s) will be displayed above the body of your email. Compose your email and click Send when you're finished - your message will be delivered with the files you chose to attach.