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What These Results Mean

Selecting the right Internet plan for you from the right Internet provider depends upon many factors, such as your lifestyle, how many computers and devices you have connected to the Internet and how you use the Internet.

The Numbers

Bits-per-second (bps) is the standard for describing the speed of computer communications. One megabit per second (Mbps) equals one million bits per second. Meanwhile, a megabyte is used to describe file sizes. One digital photo, for example, might be one or two megabytes in size. In order for a one megabyte file to move across a network, you need eight megabits per second of speed. The more speed you have, the faster all those files and information can move. Bits move bytes.

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The Options

Time Warner Cable offers six options for Internet speed. Selecting the right one for you depends on the needs of you and your home.

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What's The Best Speed For You?

Internet Plan Speed Explained


Up to 100 Mbps download

Up to 5 Mbps upload

TWC's fastest available speed. Up to 50 Mbps in most locations, but up to 100 Mbps and up to 75 Mbps in some areas*. Great for telecommuters, busy households and multiple users.
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Up to 30 Mbps download

Up to 5 Mbps upload

For homes with multiple users who upload huge files, stream videos, play games online and need to work from home.
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Up to 20 Mbps download

Up to 2 Mbps upload

Turbo is for you if you want to download large files, play online games and watch streaming video without buffering.
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Up to 15 Mbps download

Up to 1 Mbps upload

Standard is ideal for everyday use — online shopping, watching videos and more.
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Up to 3 Mbps download

Up to 1 Mbps upload

Surf the web, connect with social media, send email and download medium-sized files.
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Everyday Low Price

Up to 2 Mbps download

Up to 1 Mbps upload

This is the best option for budget-conscious customers who don't need the higher speeds.
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*All services may not be available in all areas. Actual speeds may vary. The 100Mbps speed is available only in New York City, Los Angeles, Kansas City and Hawaii. The 75Mbps speed is available only in Dallas and Hawaii. Lease of a modem or purchase of an approved modem required for Internet service. Currently approved modems can be found at The speed test is for use exclusively by Time Warner Cable Internet customers on the Time Warner Cable network.

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