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Make safe TV viewing choices for your family

TWC is a founding partner and supporter of Common Sense Media (CSM), the nation’s leading organization dedicated to giving families the trustworthy information they need to thrive in a world of entertainment and technology. We also support PointSmart.ClickSafe, a nationwide initiative from Cable in the Classroom and the cable industry that serves as a resource for parents on Internet safety, digital ethics and media literacy.

We put the technology you need in your hands to make it easy for you to monitor your kids’ entertainment.

Time Warner Cable TV comes with simple-to-use Parental Controls to block entire TV shows, series and channels. You can also block programming by rating or time slot. Parental Controls can be set up in several ways:


  • Press the Settings button on your remote.

  • Arrow right/left to the Parental Controls category.

  • Arrow up/down to the Content Block category.

  • Press Select.

  • Arrow up/down to the content that you wish to block and press Select.

  • The content category to be blocked will display in the list with a Locked icon.

  • Enter your PIN. (The default PIN is set by each local TWC Store, typically 0000.)

  • Press the C button to save your options.

  • If you've set up Title Block in Parental Controls, affected programs will display as Title Blocked in the on-screen program Guide.

  • Selecting a blocked channel will display a screen informing viewers that the content has been blocked.

  • To unblock a channel or program, press Select or A. You'll be required to enter your PIN to complete unblocking.

You can use i-Guide to set up Locks in any of the ways listed below. In each case, you’ll need to enter your 4-digit PIN for authorization. The default PIN is usually 0000. If you’ve reset your PIN and don’t remember it, please Chat with us so an Agent can reset it for you.

  • Select the Lock icon from the Quick Menu or Program Info screen to lock the current TV program.

  • Enter a 4-digit PIN and follow the on-screen prompts to lock by Title, Channel or Rating.

  • Manage and adjust your Parental Controls by selecting Parental Controls from the Mail Menu, then select Locks Setup.

  • Use the right/left arrows to set up locks by Title, TV Rating, Movie Rating, Channel or to Hide Adult Titles.

  • You can also restrict ordering by setting up Locks for On Demand by selecting Service Locks Setup from the Setup Menu.

  • To view Locked programs, tune to the program or select from the listings and enter your 4-digit PIN. You can bypass all Locks by selecting Master Locks from the Locks Setup Menu.
  • Sign in to My Account.

  • On the My Account tab, scroll to the Profile & Preferences module.

  • Click Manage Users.

  • Select Edit Profile to edit permissions for an existing user or Add a User to create a new profile.

  • Check TWC TV® for devices to enable access to the app. By default, all channels are accessible.

  • To block a specific channel click the Padlock icon (it will turn red).

  • To restore access to these channels, turn the channel block selector to the Unlocked position.

  • Click Save.

  • To complete the process, you’ll need to restart the TWC TV® app. Channel blocks take effect only after restarting.

Note: TWC TV® Parental Controls must be set separately from your set-top controls.

Check out our How To Videos to set up Parental Controls for TV. Restrictions can be lifted anytime so you can enjoy the shows you want when you want. For more information, check out our FAQ page.