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Technical Specification for Colocation Services

Our enterprise-class data centers are designed to prevent unauthorized access to your IT assets with services that are specifically designed for small and mid-sized businesses. Strict security measures ensure a reliable and safe environment that helps prevent potential data compromises, network breaches and unauthorized system access.

Also, as a member of The Green Grid, we deploy energy-efficient technologies like virtualization and use energy efficient equipment. Our proprietary monitoring software can reduce the energy consumption of our cooling systems by as much as 20%. Which means you not only save on the resources managing your network and critical data, you also help reduce your carbon footprint.

Colocation Services Features

Total of 17,000 square feet of available space which includes 19" and 23" cabinets.  Space is available from a single unit all the way up to a full rack.

  • Highly available and efficient power systems with back-up generators that can run at full load for 24 hours.
  • Parallel UPS systems with battery backup and redundant power supplied by multiple utility feeds from diverse substations.
  • Bandwidth includes Dedicated Internet Access and Ethernet Point-to-Point connections.
  • Full data-grade HVAC system with N+1 redundancy and 72 degree ambient air temp (+/- 2 degrees) with 45% Humidity (+/- 5%).
  • Early-warning AnaLASER fire detection system, smoke and high temperature detectors.
  • Systems monitored on-site and by TWCBC’s NOC and also includes Northern Pro-Watch for monitoring security.
  • 24/7/365 onsite, bonded security and video surveillance.

Optional Colocation Features

  • Onsite professional services for maintenance and support.
  • Scheduled, unscheduled time and pre-paid blocks of tech-support time available.