Features and Benefits of IP VPN

  • Can be configured in site-to-site and hub-to-multisite networks to meet a variety of business applications.

  • Uses Triple DES encryption protocol for data.

  • Uses IPSec VPN with FIPS 140-02 compatible encryption (content) for Managed IP VPN.

IP VPN Overview

With the convenience of sharing electronic information comes the need for vigilance about the security of your data. Our IP VPN solutions enable your business to safely connect offices with remote users over a secure, virtual private network. Those same remote users can then reach the applications and information they need through a variety of wired and wireless access options. Using IPSec VPN tunnels, our IP VPN service encrypts data across your company’s network infrastructure and also allows you to easily deploy IP-based applications such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and e-learnings.

We provide the hardware and software, making our IP VPN service a flexible, low-cost option for secure networking. Our Managed IP VPN service is offered for customers who desire FIPS 140-02 compatible encryption and provides more robust monitoring and management to help ensure optimal performance and availability. Managed IP VPN customers can request bandwidth prioritization between VPN and Internet traffic.

Featured Resource


Memorial Health Services uses IP VPN to ensure patient safety and privacy while giving healthcare personnel the ability to enter a variety of information including dietary restrictions, medical orders and lab results, directly into patient electronic files reducing human error and streamlining the gathering and recording of medical information.