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Memorial Health Systems Chooses Time Warner Cable Business Class

Southern California’s Memorial Health Services is an integrated health system comprised of six large medical centers and twenty-five smaller remote sites. Created by physicians and other health care professionals, Memorial Health Services has gained widespread recognition for its formation of the Physician Society, an organization dedicated to the pursuit of evidence-based, best practice medicine. Memorial Health Services has been identified as one of the top integrated systems in America (Verispan Top 100), a leading hospital organization for technology (Most Wired Hospitals) and one of the best governed hospital systems in the United States (The Governance Institute).

As with all health care providers, Memorial Health Services places a huge priority on patient safety and privacy and takes the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA ) regulations very seriously. These security rules require plans for data backup, disaster recovery, emergency mode operations, protecting the security and integrity of information and maintaining reasonable safeguards and confidentiality. In an effort to be in full compliance with HIPAA regulations, Memorial Health Services’ created a new patient care system which enables healthcare personnel to enter a variety of information including dietary restrictions, medical orders and lab results, directly into patient electronic files reducing human error and streamlining the gathering and recording of medical information.

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