Subscriber Agreement Definitions

Services refers to the services you buy from us. These may include video, high speed data, wireless data and Digital Home Phone services, as well as equipment-based services like DVR service.

Customer Agreements refers to the agreements, notices and policies described in the introduction to this Agreement.

Agreement means this Residential Services Subscriber Agreement, as amended from time to time.) Work Order means the TWC work or service order that identifies the Services you receive. You were probably provided with your Work Order when we initiated or last serviced your account but if you require a copy, please contact your local TWC office.

TWC means Time Warner Cable Inc. and the local TWC-affiliated cable operators that provide our Services, or any cable operator to whom we assign this Agreement.
including or include means inclusion without limitation.

HSD Service and High Speed Data Service means our broadband Internet service and wireless data services as well as any OLP’s service you receive through our systems.

Equipment means Customer User Equipment and other equipment utilized in connection with the Services. Equipment does not include wiring on your premises and does not include your equipment (for example, your TV or computer).

Software refers to the software we provide to you in connection with the Services. This also includes any executable code we provide for use on our Equipment.

Customer Use Equipment means the converter boxes, cable modems, remote controls and other pieces of equipment that we provide to you for use inside your premises to receive the Services (and that you must return to us if the Service is cancelled).

Network Management Tools are the tools and techniques we use to manage our network, ensure a quality user experience and ensure compliance with our Acceptable Use policy. Examples of some Network Management Tools can be found in our Acceptable Use Policy. See or contact your local TWC office.

Maximum Throughput Rate means the highest Throughput Rate that is provided by your level or tier of HSD or Wireless Data Service, without use of our Power Boost feature. Our Power Boost feature may provide additional bursts of download speed over and above your Maximum Throughput Rate but only during the initial part of a download.

Bandwidth Limit means the aggregate amount of upstream and downstream data that a high-speed data customer may send and receive in a prescribed period (for example, a monthly billing period).

Throughput Rate refers to the rate at which data can be transferred between your location and our facilities over a given period of time. The Throughput Rates that we mention in our marketing and other materials refer to our Maximum Throughput Rates.

OLP or On-line Provider means a provider of on-line services that you may purchase with our broadband Internet service but that does not itself provide Internet connectivity.

Video Service refers to the video and/or audio programming Services we provide, including VOD offerings.

Dispute means any dispute, claim or controversy between you and TWC regarding any aspect of your relationship with us, including those based on events that occurred prior to the date of this Agreement.