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DTV - Digital Television from Time Warner Cable now available in New York City

Release Date: 01/17/2000

(Queens, New York-February 17, 2000)-Time Warner Cable of New York City launched its new digital cable service, "DTV" in Queens today. The new service connects to a TV the same way as its current system but uses digital signals to deliver a wide spectrum of programming to customers.

"DTV offers our cable viewers the kind of viewing experience New Yorkers deserve. DTV means digital picture and sound, dozens of new channels and a sophisticated interactive picture-in-picture program guide," said Barry Rosenblum, President of the company.

"DTV's sophisticated on-screen guide helps to navigate through the scores of new channel choices, including new premium channels, music exclusive channels, international and sports programming." added Mr. Rosenblum. "Our 50 channels of near video-on-demand means our customers now have more choice and convenience," he added. Movies will be available as often as every 30 minutes on DTV's In Demand pay-per-view service.

The company's first DTV customers are Mr. and Mrs. Sal Liggieri of Whitestone. Newly equipped with both DTV and Road Runner, Time Warner Cable's high-speed online service, the Liggieris and their children are accessing the Internet at 50 times their previous speed and viewing over 200 channels of programming.

"DTV is terrific!" according to Desiree Liggieri. "It makes watching TV more enjoyable, and as a parent I think it gives me greater control over what my family watches. And with Road Runner," she continued, "we really feal like we're on the forefront of the latest technology," she said.

Time Warner Cable customers with Standard Service can receive DTV with 30 new channels for only $9.95.

DTV customers who select premium services can receive up to 29 channels of premium program fare including HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, The Movie Channel, STARZ! and Encore. For example if a customer selects HBO, that choice will expand to five separate and different channels of HBO including HBO Family, HBO Signature, HBO Zone, HBO Plus and HBO Comedy-all for the price of one premium.

"Time Warner Cable's DTV is the smartest and most exciting thing to happen to television since color was invented." according to Rosenblum.

"In a city as diverse as New York, DTV offers something for everyone. DTV brings our customers over 200 channels of entertainment including 30 new channels such as The Sundance Channel, Bloomberg TV, The Golf Channel, Style, Discovery Health and international programming," he added.

DTV features 40 channels of CD-quality music which span every musical taste. From classical to R;B, and Top 40 hits to Latin, the music channels are available 24 hours a day, without commercials or interruption. Customers can connect DTV to stereo speakers for digital sound, expanding the digital experience. "You can glance up at the screen to see the name of the artist, song title, CD title and recording label," added Mrs. Liggieri.

Time Warner Cable has nearly completed its upgrade enabling the company to offer these and other new products and services. DTV will be available to customers in upgraded areas of Queens starting in Whitestone and College Point. It will be offered to viewers in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island in the near future.

Time Warner Cable of New York City serves 1.2 million customers in Manhattan, Queens and portions of Brooklyn. The company also includes NY1 News, Staten Island Cable and Time Warner CityCable Advertising.

Time Warner Cable owns and manages the world's most advanced, best clustered cable television operations, with 80 percent of its 13 million customers in systems of 100,000 subscribers or more. It is a division of Time Warner Entertainment.

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