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Local 25 ‘Best’ Moms Honored; Students Take Top Writing Prize at Luncheon

Release Date: 05/10/2010

PALM DESERT, CALIF. (May 10, 2010) – Three local students earned top prizes in this year’s Desert Cities’ 25 Best Moms essay contest hosted by Time Warner Cable. The contest, now in its seventh year, asked students in grades 4 through 12 a very simple question: “Why do you think your mom is the best mom?” More than 1,400 entries were received from local students, but only 25 rose to the top. These finalists, and their Best Moms, were invited to a luncheon on Saturday, May 8 at the Miramonte Resort and Spa in Indian Wells.

More than 175 people attended, and witnessed the following students claim the top prize:
• Elementary Division Winner: Danielle Galvin, grade 5, Truman Elementary School (La Quinta)
• Middle School Division Winner: Boone Bourke, grade 7, King’s School (Palm Springs)
• High School Division Winner: Danielle Pedroso, grade 12, Palm Springs High School (Palm Springs)

Journalists, politicians and teachers evaluated each essay. These students received a new Sony VAIO laptop computer. In addition, the winning students’ teachers each received a $250 gift card for supplies for their classrooms. The Best Mom finalists each received their time in the spotlight, walking down a red carpet as an excerpt from the essay was read. The Best Moms also each received an engraved award with their name and year, as well as gifts from local sponsors.

To learn about this year’s roster of Desert Cities’ 25 Best Moms, please visit or contact Elli Tourje at (760) 674-5536.


Best Mom: Lisa Galvin, La Quinta
Student: Danielle Galvin, Grade 5, Truman Elementary School
The first lesson she taught me was that exercise is good for you and its fun. When most people drive everywhere we like to walk. We take our pet beagle, Cobe, and get some fresh air. We also like to go hiking, ride bikes and play tennis with my dad on the weekends. We swim in the summer and snow ski in the winter. When the weather is real bad my mom and I do exercise tapes. Some are really corny and make us laugh. The second lesson she taught me is that it is good to volunteer. Since kindergarten she has always helped out with projects, parties and field trips. Now that I’m in 5th grade, she comes once a week and helps in tutoring math. So here’s to you mom!
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Best Mom: Gayle Bourke, Palm Springs
Student: Boone Bourke, Grade 7, Kings School
She is goofy, outrageous and really cool. Ever since I was little I remember dressing up for her funny Christmas cards. One year my brothers and I were three French Hens, another year Nutcrackers, and another year Prison Inmates - home for the holidays. The one I remember most was when she tried to use shaving cream and cotton balls to turn us into snowmen. We had all kinds of musical equipment like cymbals, rhythm sticks, bells, drums, triangles and whistles. Mom would turn the music on and dance around with us. She made a room that was filled with books and all kinds of crafts. She would help us color paint and do puzzles. When we finger painted we had to go outside. She didn’t care how messy we got – she just hosed us down afterwards.

Best Mom: Andrea Pedroso, Palm Springs High School
Student: Danielle Pedroso, Grade 12
Although I feel my mom has made me a very strong individual, I think that, despite the years that pass, I will always need her. Whether it’s to guide me or give me advice, she is always there with an open mind and understanding demeanor. I know I will always be her child and she will always be my mom, a relationship and closeness that no one can take away. I look at my mother now; I look at her eyes, I look at her smile and I see her. I see her youthful spirit, I see her strength, I see her vulnerability, I see her passion, and more than anything, I see her love for her children. She is an amazing woman and I feel blessed to have her for a mother. I hope to one day obtain the traits that make my mother such a great person: her sacrifice, her dedication, her leadership, her understanding, and her beauty as a person.

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