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Local 50 ‘Best’ Moms Honored; Students Take Top Writing Prize at Recent Luncheon

Release Date: 05/10/2010

SAN DIEGO, CALIF. (May 11, 2010) – Three local students earned top prizes in this year’s San Diego’s 50 Best Moms essay contest hosted by Time Warner Cable. The contest, now in its ninth year, asked students in grades 4 through 12 a very simple question: “Why do you think your mom is one of San Diego’s 50 Best?” More than 3,550 entries were received from San Diego County students, but only 50 rose to the top. These finalists, and their Best Moms, were invited to a luncheon on Saturday, May 8 at the Hyatt La Jolla at Aventine. More than 200 people attended, and witnessed the following students claim top prize:

• Elementary School Category: Ann Ryan, grade 5, Carmel Del Mar Elementary School (Carmel Valley)
• Middle School Category: Hunter Garnier, grade 8, Gasper De Portola Middle School (Tierrasanta)
• High School Category: Francesca Brown, grade 11, Clairemont High School (Clairemont)

Journalists, politicians and teachers evaluated each essay. These students received a new Sony VAIO laptop computer. In addition, the winning students’ teachers also each received a $250 gift card for supplies for their classrooms. The Best Mom finalists each received their time in the spotlight, walking down a red carpet as an excerpt from the essay was read. The Best Moms also each received an engraved award with their name and year, as well as gifts from local sponsors such as Mission Federal Credit Union, Ultra Star Cinemas, San Diego Repertory Theatre, and Spa Gregorie's Day Spa & Salon.

To learn about this year’s roster of San Diego’s 50 Best Moms, please visit

Best Mom: Dr. Megan Ryan, Carmel Valley
Student: Ann Ryan, Grade 5, Carmel Del Mar Elementary
Ann wrote: My mom has four children.  Plus, my mom has about 10,000 other people that she cares for like my family and I.  My mom is a doctor in the Navy.  She works at Camp Pendleton and she takes care of all the Marines on that base.  My mom works very hard.  Sometimes she even has to stay overnight in the hospital.  I sometimes get upset that my mom is away from home.  But I am really glad young Marines have her to take care of them when they are sick.  She is a great teacher for my family to.  My mom is a hero to everyone, including me.  I love my mom and I am proud of her.  When I grow up, I want to be just like her! 

Best Mom: Theresa Garnier, Tierrasanta
Student: Hunter Garnier, Grade 8, Gaspar De Portola Middle
Hunter wrote:   My mom is extraordinary because not only does she work full time, raise three kids and perform housework, but she also helps out the community. Over the years, my mom has made countless visits to orphanages in Mexico and used her ability to speak Spanish to communicate with and encourage the orphans. My mom also serves the community by volunteering for a non profit feeding and clothing the homeless in downtown San Diego. My mom always has an aura of joy around her. She is a great listener and I can tell her anything without her judging me. She is always there to comfort me when I go through hard times and when things are going great; she is there to celebrate with me. I am truly blessed to have a mom who understands and loves me so deeply. She inspires me every day by her example to be a caring, hard-working and joyful person.

Best Mom: Rochina Brown, Clairemont
Student: Francesca Brown, Grade 11, Clairemont High School
Francesca wrote:  My mother devotes herself entirely to the well-being of our family, a sacrifice that is at times all-consuming, and she is left with no more energy or strength to hold the bond in place. My good grades, my perseverance, my talents and abilities, these are all products of my mother, but only I get the credit. She watches silently, content to see me flourish, and quietly returns to the tasks that propel our lives. She is the planner, the cook, the accountant, the teacher, the friend, the guardian and the doctor. We rarely thank her or feed her motivation, or give her any reason to continue to sacrifice her own life for the betterment of ours. My mother is small, yes, but her heart is the size of the world, the world that she herself keeps spinning. And every night when the hot dinner is set before us on the table, or a goodnight kiss is bestowed gently on my forehead, it occurs to me: my mother may be trying to teach me this lesson of sacrifice, a lesson I hope to share with my children someday.

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