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Road Runner Surges Ahead of its Competitors

Release Date: 08/04/2008

Time Warner Cable in Kansas City is surging ahead of area Internet service providers with its soon-to-be-launched PowerBoost. PowerBoost is a new technology that allows Road Runner Turbo customers to temporarily experience download speeds significantly faster than their current blazing speed of 15 Mbps. With PowerBoost, Turbo customers will see download speeds increase to up to 22 Mbps while downloading large files from the Internet, when network capacity is available. 

“We are very excited to be delivering this free, time-saving feature to our Road Runner Turbo customers,” says Damon Porter, Director of Public Affairs for Time Warner Cable in Kansas City. “PowerBoost will jumpstart a large file download, reducing overall download time. It will give users more time to enjoy the multitude of media available online, including those made available through”

Once a PowerBoost is completed, a download will continue at Turbo speed. Road Runner Turbo already delivers by far the fastest download speed available in Greater Kansas City, says Porter.

“At 15 Mbps, Road Runner Turbo customers already enjoy a breakneck speed that’s 19 times faster than AT&T’s basic DSL and 10 times faster than their standard DSL. With PowerBoost, Road Runner customers will experience lightning fast speeds as high as 22 Mbps. Our Internet speeds race past other providers’,” Porter says.

PowerBoost is compatible with DOCSIS 1.1 cable modems and above. PowerBoost is also compatible with Time Warner Cable’s certified home networking devices. While the overwhelming majority of Turbo customers have modems that are compatible, customers who have Turbo modems that are not compatible with PowerBoost can contact Time Warner Cable or visit their local cable store to arrange for a compatible modem. 

Time Warner Cable in Kansas City (NYSE: TWC) offers the most advanced cable television, high-speed Internet service, Road Runner and Digital Phone to more than 600,000 homes and businesses in the seven-county Kansas City metropolitan area.  Time Warner Cable employs 1,000 people in its various Kansas City locations and provides free service to more than 550 schools.  Time Warner Cable Metro Sports is Kansas City’s only 24-hour all sports network. Time Warner Cable Business Class offers a full complement of business communications tools to small- and medium-sized businesses and enterprise-sized companies. Its data, voice, video and security solutions are enhanced by award-winning customer service and local support teams.  Time Warner Cable is on the Web at and

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