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Seasonal “Sun Outages” May Interrupt Cable Reception

Release Date: 02/27/2007

Some cable signals may be interrupted in the coming week due to “sun outages.”  As spring approaches and the earth tilts on its axis, satellites become aligned with the sun causing momentary interruptions in satellite signals.  This interference occurs annually in March and October.

When the sun is positioned directly behind a satellite, it can overwhelm the satellite signal.  When this happens, cable viewers may see some type of disturbance caused by the sun.  These disturbances include noise (sparkles) or snowy pictures, color blocks, black screens, or some channels may appear to be frozen or streaked.  Viewers will notice a slow decline in quality of picture followed by several minutes of total disruption, and then the picture will slowly clear again.  The interference could last up to 16 minutes, although the length of the outage will vary.  Different channels may be affected at different times depending on which satellite is affected.

Sun outages will begin around March 1 and last until March 8.  The outages normally occur between 1pm and 5pm.

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