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Time Warner Cable Premieres Cincinnati HD LOD At Event 11/13 Gift to the Community Valued at $250,000

Release Date: 11/13/2007

CINCINNATI – November 13, 2007 – Ever wonder what the eyelashes of baby gorilla Bakari look like? Would you like to see Pete Rose’s handprint worn into his third base glove or examine more than a dozen shades of tile used to artistically recreate the face of a Cincinnatian in historic mosaics surrounding the Union Terminal rotunda?

Cincinnatians will be among the first in the nation to experience innovative high definition (HD) local on demand (LOD) programs featuring three Queen City jewels. These programs, valued at $250,000, are a gift to the community from Time Warner Cable Southwest Ohio. The HD LOD programs feature the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal, Cincinnati Reds Hall Of Fame And Museum and Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. The short, seven minute HD features will début at a premiere emceed by 700 WLW’s Jim Scott on Tuesday, November 13, 2007. Immediately following the event, the programs will be available free of charge, on demand in HD, for Time Warner Cable digital subscribers on channel 1111.

On behalf of the Museum Center, author and local historian Dan Hurley will share background on the scenes included in its HD LOD program, as will Cincinnati Reds Team Historian Greg Rhodes and Cincinnati Zoo Executive Director Thane Maynard. 

The HD LOD programs were the brainchild of Kevin G. Kidd, president Time Warner Cable Southwest Ohio, and were locally developed and produced by Time Warner Cable’s Senior Multimedia Developer Maurice Glover. The company hopes to be able to produce additional programs highlighting other Cincinnati and Dayton organizations and events in the future.

"Time Warner Cable's HD LOD program gives viewers an up-close look at some of the magnificent and awe-inspiring sights that can be found at Cincinnati Museum Center," said Douglass McDonald, Museum Center president and CEO, who is hosting the premiere. "Imagine being able to see the glimmer of each individual mosaic tile that makes up the Rotunda murals, or each bump on our life-like dinosaur recreation in our natural history museum. The close-ups in the Cincinnati in Motion exhibit make one wonder if you're looking at a model or the real downtown. And the vibrant colors – and equally vibrant smiles – in the children's museum never looked as bright as they do in this breath-taking HD presentation."

Watching the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame HD LOD program, viewers are treated to a tour of baseball’s oldest continually operating team hall of fame. “We are so pleased that viewers will be able to see historic Reds memorabilia in a whole new light,” said Rick Walls, executive director, Reds Hall of Fame. “The clarity and detail are stunning. This HD LOD program is a tremendous gift. It enables hundreds of thousands of people to see tributes to the Big Red Machine, our Pete Rose exhibit and World Series trophies. The only thing better is actually being here.”
“The HD LOD program featuring the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden brings to light just some of our treasures and showcases them in a way never seen before, as only HD can,” Thane Maynard, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden executive director said. Highlights of the zoo program include the complex interactions of the western lowland gorilla troop including Jomo, the silverback, new mom Muke and baby Bakari as well as close-ups of baby Harapan, a rare Sumatran rhino and testament to the Zoo’s breeding program. Other Zoo favorites, including the white lions, crocodiles and polar bears, as well as the Zoo’s extraordinary gardens are also featured.

 “We are so pleased to feature three of Cincinnati’s treasures in our inaugural high definition offering. Our goal is to increase visibility for Cincinnati’s wonderful treasures and encourage our community to visit each of them in person,” said Pam McDonald, vice president of government and public affairs for Time Warner Cable Southwest Ohio. “High definition is completely changing the television viewing experience. We will be an integral part of this transformation by providing innovative services and leading the way in the development of local high definition content.”

The three HD Queen City Jewels can be viewed by Time Warner Cable Digital subscribers in Southwest Ohio who also own an HDTV. An HD set-top box from Time Warner Cable is required (available for the same monthly charge as a standard definition digital set-top box).

About HD Programming
High definition is the top-level resolution offered within the digital television category. HD programming delivers wide-screen, crystal-clear pictures, vivid color and high quality Dolby Digital surround sound. 

HDTV delivers much more detailed pictures than traditional analog television picture. Standard broadcast TV has a resolution of 330 lines, while DVD players have a resolution of 400 lines. In contrast, HDTV delivers a resolution of at least 720 lines, resulting in a much sharper, more defined picture. Digital HDTV sets deliver a 16 by 9 widescreen picture, similar to a movie screen.

All of the major networks presently broadcast a growing portion of their schedules in HDTV. However, local programming has generally not been available in HDTV format until Time Warner Cable’s announcement today.

About Time Warner Cable
The Southwest Ohio division of Time Warner Cable is proud to lead the way in meeting the entertainment, information and communication needs of more than 640,000 customers in Greater Cincinnati, Dayton and the Miami Valley. The Southwest Ohio division of Time Warner Cable serves 400 communities, provides free service to more than 1,000 schools and employs nearly 1,800 people. Time Warner Cable is on the Web at and

Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC) owns and manages cable systems passing approximately 26 million homes in 33 states.  The Company has 14.6 million customers for its various products, including video, high-speed data and residential telephone.  This includes approximately 13.4 million basic video subscribers and more than 6 million customers who purchase more than one product. Time Warner Cable includes some of the most technologically advanced and best-clustered cable systems in the country, with nearly 85 percent of the Company's customers located in five geographic regions: New York, Texas, Ohio, the Carolinas and southern California.  It is the largest cable provider in the nation's two largest cities, Los Angeles and New York.  Leveraging its leadership in innovation and quality customer care, Time Warner Cable delivers advanced products and services such as video-on-demand, high-definition television, digital video recorders, high-speed data and Digital Phone.

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