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IntelliGo Keeps Your Entire Family Going During Your Summer Adventures!

Release Date: 07/08/2010

Charlotte, NC (July 8, 2010) –Whether your summer plans involve an extended trip to the beach or a weekend get-a-way, Time Warner Cable’s Road Runner Mobile™ allows you to bring your mobile Internet service with you on the go!  Now, up to five people can access email, surf and download all at the same time with the new IntelliGo Mobile Hotspot, powered by the Sierra Wireless W801 and Road Runner Mobile 4G.

According to the Mobile Messaging Study conducted by Osterman Research, 79 percent of respondents take work-related devices with them on vacation. Employees want to keep up with email and teenagers don’t want to be far from social media sites.  Road Runner Mobile gives the entire family a means to stay in touch. 

“Even on vacation, Internet users want the ability to do everything from uploading vacation pictures to checking email,” says Michael Miess, vice president, wireless, Time Warner Cable Carolinas.  “IntelliGo gives your family the ability to do it all at once… while dad is driving, mom could be shopping online, one child could use a gaming device and another could be on their iPad™…all with super-fast Internet speed.”  IntelliGo is small enough to fit in your pocket and even has built-in GPS capability in case dad gets lost on the trip!

Road Runner Mobile provides national coverage via the 3G network, with the added benefit of 4G service in many metropolitan areas, including Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh.  When using 4G, customers can expect Internet speeds up to 6 Mbps, the fastest mobile broadband network available.

Add Road Runner Mobile and IntelliGo to your current bundle of services to get great value and the additional convenience of one bill.  For more information about all Time Warner Cable services, visit

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